Welcome to our online shop, where you can purchase Lifeline gifts - our alternative gift scheme, perfect for those who want to make someone else feel valued.   

Our gifts are available throughout the years as well as at Christmas, Easter and other seasonal occasions.  So if someone is celebrating a landmark birthday or a significant anniversary, why not consider buying them a Lifeline gifts.

Choosing and placing an order

Full details of all our gifts are listed below.  

Once you have placed your order we will send you a Lifeline gift card for each gift purchased.  This card gives details of the gift purchased with space for you to write a personal message to your friends and family members.

Our 100% promise

At Rope we operate a separate fund to cover UK administration costs, so we can guarantee that 100% of your donation will go directly to the project your Lifeline gift is supporting.

Thank you

We want to thank everyone who recently bought Lifeline gifts for Mother's Day and Easter.  Thanks to your generosity:
  • 20 Ethiopian women and their children will have free healthcare for a year;
  • 14 women will have all the resources they need to learn to sew in Pakistan;
  • 28 children from rural communities in El Salvador will be fed physically and spiritually at weekly Sunday Schools and
  • 12 solar powered radios will be sent to Mozambique so that local villagers can tune in and hear the Word of God.
All of these gifts are transforming lives in remote and rural communities, connecting forgotten and rejected people with His love.  Thank you for showing that you care.

Collection Box


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Food for a child in El Salvador


£7 will feed a child in El Salvador for a whole year Read more

Solar radios for remote communities in Mozambique


£15 will buy a solar radio for remote communities in Mozambique Read more