“For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited me in.” Matthew 25:35

The communities of Tinteral and Abelines have struggled with extreme poverty and gang violence. Life in these rural and remote areas are tough.  As well as coping with the constant fear of violence, children are expected to work long days helping their parents pick coffee beans.

Our work

Rope and our partners seek to not only provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the children at their Sunday school but also support for some of the poorest families with food parcels and covering medical bills.

Our partner's vision is to build up these communities through their work.

It costs £7 a year to feed a child

The Sunday school provides 550 boys and girls with a nutritional meal of arroz con leche (rice and milk).  So many of the children are very badly nourished and so this very high calorie weekly meal is very gratefully received by both children and parents.

Additionally, our partners seek to feed the children spiritually through bible teaching and activities.  Rope has supported this project for over 14 years and has seen the children grow and develop in their faith and become role models for others, helping to transform the community for good.

In recent times, they have extended their work within the community introducing a gardening project which encourages the family to grow their own vegetables and have shown families how they can harvest from the Ojushte Tree, a tree grown widely in the locality.  The tree provides a nutritious nut (Maya Nut) that can be used in many ways as an alternative to corn and beans, including being ground into flour. With Rope's support our partners organised workshops within the communities so this knowledge could be shared widely.



Mario, from El Salvador, has been fed at our partner’s Sunday School, “for as long as I can remember”. This “feeding” of Mario was crucial as like so many children, Mario was malnourished.  So the milk, rice and bible stories provided each week helped Mario grow.  Now he helps at the Sunday School ensuring the next generation gain food and Jesus each week.