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Rope is about inspiring a deeper concern for the poor and taking action to help, through a worldwide network of local partnerships.

We believe God’s plans are for transformed lives – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Our partners include local organisations and churches led by local visionaries who seek to bring about transformational change in their communities.  Living in their own communities, they have the vision and drive to transform lives for those in poverty but need access to resources and wider networks. We partner with them, working together to bring about change. 

Transformed Lives

Transforming Lives


Our partners, who we call Change Makers invest in their communities physically. Their work focusses on offering healthcare, education, vocational skills and income generating projects.  Their aim is to help people achieve self-sustaining outcomes, which give them love, hope and dignity.


Our Change Makers seek to address people’s deep rooted issues so healing and reconciliation for them, their families and communities can be gained. This will often involve building communities and developing Christ-like relationships centred on love and respect.


Our Change Makers seek to bring Christ into people’s lives.  They model Christ’s love for all His people and offer opportunities for prayer, discipleship and fellowship with church communities. 

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