About us

The foundations of our approach stem from our almost 30 years of working with international partners. We invest into partnering with a small network of on-the-ground, local organisations and churches led by local visionaries who seek to bring about transformational change in their communities.  Living in their own communities, they have the vision and drive to transform lives for those in poverty but need access to resources and wider networks. 

We currently work with 21 partners across 16 countries around the world. We know and love them personally and we work together on delivering God’s vision for their community.

Long lasting partnerships:

  • We commit to long term partnerships
  • Our innovative programmes are developed together with partners
  • We focus on mutual transparency and trust with partners

Outcome-focused transformation:

  • Our partners are local to their communities
  • They understand their communities’ needs
  • They have a passion for transformation in the lives they serve.

Mentoring and monitoring:

  • We prioritise supportive mentorship
  • We do this via regular communication
  • Our partnerships are embedded with robust governance and reporting.

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