Amily’s story

Amily, 10, came to our Brighter Future Home, in Dhaka Bangladesh, in 2017 after the death of her father from cancer.  Her mother was simply not able to care for Amily and as her village had no schools, the family agreed for Amily to come to the home so she could gain an education.

At first Amily struggled to settle into home life and would often resort to lying at the home.  Her lying caused problems in the home, leading to fights between the other girls at the home.

With kindness and prayer Rano Baroi, houseparent, has encouraged her and Amily is a much happier and contented child.  She thanks God for the transformation He has brought into this young life saying that Amily is often the girl found singing and dancing!

Amily loves living at the home and going to school and would love to help run a home like Uttara when she grows up.

She says, “Mami (Rani Baroi) loves us like our own mother.  I feel so loved here and I am getting to know Jesus.  I go to Sunday School on Sundays and Fridays and when we have our evening prayer time, Mami shares from the Bible.

How you can help more children like Amily

  • £6 will pay for a weekly shop for a child at the home
  • £30 will pay for new clothes and warm bedding for a child at the home
  • £20 a month will enable children like Amily to live at the home and gain a good education