Antonina’s story

Antonina, 64, from Kimilili, western Kenya has 4 grandchildren.

One of her greatest joys is helping to look after them, so when she developed cataracts and could no longer care for them or work on her 4-acre farm, she became desperate.

Thankfully she was referred to Rope’s partners Dreamland Mission Hospital.  Rope has been supporting Dreamland to deliver a full service eye clinic for many years.  They were able to provide surgery for Antonina, but without any ID, she was going to struggle to gain registration to a government funded insurance scheme, which would cover the cost of her surgery.

So Rope supported Antonina’s surgery and treatment, transforming her life.

Before surgery her sight was very poor, just about perceiving hand movement in front of her face.  Now her sight has improved so she can farm her land independently and care for her grandchildren.  Antonina says, “I can’t imagine where I would be without the hospital.  Thank you God!

 How you can help more people like Antonina

  •  £30 will pay for a person to receive surgery on one eye
  • £60 enables someone to receive surgery and have two overnight stays in hospital
  • £20 will enable 4 people to gain sight saving surgery and regain their independence and dignity.