Our Lent Appeal this year is supporting Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. As the war in Syria rages on, families are left in refugee camps, neither able to return to Syria, nor find work and housing in Lebanon.

Children and young people face long and empty days as only 20% are being offered school places. They are left vulnerable to ISIS recruiters operating in the camps, offering them £18 a day to join protests and take part in acts of civil disobedience.

HOPE on Wheels

Heart 4 Lebanon’s HOPE on Wheels ministry offers these children alternative activities based on messages of peace and hope. Each month they visit 800 children in tent settlements in Beirut, Bekka Valley and the southern borders.

Hidden Harvest

Each day they enter the settlements offering games, sports, stories, plays, songs and other activities. This ministry is building a hidden harvest - planting seeds in the hearts of these children and turning despair into a hope in God.

Our hope is that these seeds planted will inspire the next generation to ultimately return to Syria and rebuild their families and communities with Christ as their foundation.

Join us as we sow the seeds of a hidden harvest.

£10 enables a refugee child to enjoy HOPE on Wheels for a month.