The Groundnut Project

Our partners, Youth Action Uganda, are changing the culture of violence prevalent in the north west region by helping internally displaced people to farm their land successfully.

These people were displaced due to the 30 year civil war in the country, but each year 200 of them are given seed, training and support to plant, grow and harvest groundnuts successfully. Once their first crop of groundnuts is harvested they donate half a bag back to the project and keep the rest. 

Over 1,000 farmers have been helped to live successful, fruitful lives.


Tragically last year's drought left 200 farmers without any crops and struggling to feed their families.

To restore hope, we want to provide them with drought-resistant groundnuts, so they can plant again in March/April of this year.

We need to buy 200 bags costing £30 each.

We have raised enough to 155 bags, so need 45 people to donate £30 to reach our target.

Please help us reach our target - donate online today!