Armelle’s story

Armelle, 18, has been coming to FEEEJ’s centre since December 2017.  She was introduced to FEEEJ, a discipleship programme, through a social education session, which was led by FEEEJ’s Director Elizabeth at her local school.

She says, “Before coming to FEEEJ I went to church but didn’t really understand who Christ is.  At one of the sessions in school, they spoke about salvation and what that would mean.  I found myself thinking about the question of hell—eternal life without Christ.  This really moved me and on the 15th December 2017 at the FEEEJ centre, I gave my life to Him. 

 Armelle began coming to the centre regularly for Bible study and prayer.  She says, “Over time I have seen a real change in my behaviour; I have stopped lying and conducting inappropriate relationships.  Before FEEEJ, I did not know how to pray to God; now I understand.  I thank God with all my heart for putting me on the path to salvation.  I pray that many more will know Him through the work of FEEEJ.”

How you can help

  • £10 will provide a young person with a prayer and counselling session at the centre.
  • £20 a month will enable FEEEJ’s Director to offer social education courses into 2 schools for a whole year.