Lauren Childs

Cameroon, Hope for Widows and Orphans

For over 14 years our Change Makers have brought hope into the lives of over 300 widows and their children.

In parts of Africa, the loss of a woman’s husband can lead to the loss of status, possessions, home and even livelihood.  Once married, a woman becomes the property of her husband. On his death she has no rights over his assets and so his family will often reclaim these.

Meet Mirabelle

Mirabelle was a child of a widow and the youngest of 3 children. Her father died when she was 17 years old, which abruptly stopped her college education.  Her mother, ill equipped to financially support her family, sought help from other family members, her husband’s family stripped her home of its possessions and took over …

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Meet Bernadette

Bernadette is a widow with 5 children aged from 3 ½ to 13. She has a small business selling food by the roadside, but struggles to support her young family on this alone. Rope has invested £400 in her farm so she can grow huckleberries, which she hopes to sell to a large customer, doubling …

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Meet Ambi Vivian

Ambi Vivian sought help when she faced financial difficulties following the death of her husband. She had no money to invest in her income generating business.  She couldn’t pay the rent , feed her children or send them to school. She came to Mirabelle and Samuel asking for help.  Following counselling and experiencing the love …

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Meet Comfort

Comfort’s husband died leaving her to raise her four children alone.  This led to conflict with her in-laws and her inability to run a small hairnet business and farm holding.  She couldn’t feed, clothe or educate her children. 10 years on, Comfort’s life has been transformed. She has rebuilt her home, developed and grown her …

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