Hope on Wheels

Through their drama, music and sports activities Heart for Lebanon’s Hope On Wheels ministry is bringing peace, love and laughter to 800 young refugees in Lebanon.

With the 80% not able to attend school due to a lack of school places, refugee children in Lebanon are spending their childhoods with nothing to do in tents and playing in the streets.

Seeds of change

One 10 year old girl who comes along to the activities said

“I’ve learned from this program how to pray…at first it was difficult and impossible but now I want to pray and I am not afraid because prayer is about speaking to God and sharing our fears with him.”

In an environment of uncertainty, fear and despair their ministry sows’ seeds of faith into the hearts of children and young people.

Hidden Harvest - Lent Appeal 2018

To find out how you can support our partners in sowing the seeds of faith this Lent, click on the link above.