Chirag, 15, came to our partners’ children’s home from a small village called Heirok, in the Manipur region. He was brought up in a non-christian family, which faced difficulties due to his father’s addiction to alcoholic.

Chirag arrived at Ebeneezer Home facing his own challenges. He describes himself as being “naughty” and always stealing. Though he had heard stories about Christ in his village and seen his older brother come to faith, it wasn’t until he arrived at Ebeneezer that he came to really understand who Jesus is. 

The staff at the home have opened my eyes to my creator” Chirag says “and now I understand that He is a living God, I have confessed Him as my Lord and Saviour.  Ebeneezer has opened my eyes to a spiritual life and I am learning how to behave in a way that honours God.”

He goes onto share that his parents have come to faith and his father has received healing for his alcohol addiction.

I will stand firm

He knows that coming to faith is difficult in this part of India and that many of his friends from his village are against him and his family.  However his faith in Christ is remarkable “But as I believe in Jesus and decide to follow Him, I will stand firm to be His follower.”

We pray for the Chirag and his family, that God will strengthen them to have the courage to share their faith with others even in times of great opposition.

Brighter Futures

Chirag is one of seventy children who lives at Ebenezer Home in Manipur.  All of these children are supported at the home and through their education by our child group sponsorship scheme called Brighter Futures. 

If you would like to know more about this scheme, please click on the link above.