Learning to be faithful fathers

Our partners in South Africa, who work with men from the disadvantaged community of Roodewal are inspiring many to be faithful fathers and strong men of God.

This is not an easy task as all the men are drug addicts, gang members and come from dysfunctional families.  Though many have children themselves, often from different mothers, all of them have struggled to role model for their own children as they were never taught themselves.

Their Change Maker programme offers detox and rehabilitation enabling the men to be treated for their addictions, gain discipleship and counselling so they can be the fathers that God calls them to be.  

As part of this work our partners recently ran a weekend Fatherhood camp for 24 men.  The camp's covered topics including "disabling the label" a chance for the men to remove the negative labels they carry and those they associate with their own fathers; understanding their new identity in Christ and the character of God as our Heavenly Father and how they can be a father to their own children. 

Many of the men's views were transformed over the weekend:

Raynie, pictured above with his children and wife said "I want to be a role model for my own children and others in the community." 

Jerome said "I've learnt how to be a father who can be trusted and I have been helped to forgive my own father."

Edmund, pictured right, has a 17 year old daughter and said "I have two children waiting for me to be a father -  I can't wait to apply what I have learnt!"

Gift of Faithfulness

We are delighted to be supporting this work through our alternative Christmas gift scheme.  Family contact time is a key part of the rehabilitation programme and a Lifeline gift of £25 will provide a father and his children with a memorable family day out.   We are delighted to be supporting a key part of this ministry by offering the gift of faithfulness this Christmas.

£25 will provide a father and his family with a special day out.

Click on the link above to buy a Lifeline gift online.