Joyce, a victim of the ongoing civil war in Uganda, is one of the farmers helped to farm her land successfully through our Groundnut Project.

My name is Joyce. I am a widow and am 51 years old.  My husband was gunned down by rebels in 2003.

I have 5 children and care for 5 other children of my husband’s from another relationship.

Rope and their partners helped me when I really needed help. I have applied all the things that I was taught about ploughing and planting and the bulls have become a real blessing as they help me plough my fields so much quicker.

I have planted groundnuts, beans, simsim, sweet potatoes and cassava. This has helped pay my children’s school fees and is helping to fund the building of a new house for my family.

May God bless Rope for your support!

Lenten Appeal

We are delighted that our partners have transformed Joyce's life, giving her and her family renewed hope for the future.

However we are seeking to help 200 more farmers, who last year suffered a poor harvest due to severe drought conditions.

We need to raise money to provide them with drought-resistant groundnuts, so they can harvest successfully.

It costs £30 to buy a farmer a bag of drought-resistant groundnuts.

Please click on Lenten Appeal link to find out more.