Groundnut Project

Our partners, Youth Action Uganda based in Katakwi district in Soroti, support and train displaced farmers with the skills needed to successfully farm and provide for their families. Through their work, our partners seek to change the culture of violence that the civil war encouraged, to one of equality and peace. 

Since 2011, Rope and our partners have helped 1,000 vulnerable people to move from subsistence to modern farming.  Each year 200 farmers are given seed, training and support so they learn how to plant, grow and successfully harvest groundnuts. Once they have their first crop of groundnuts, they donate half a bag back to the project and keep the rest. Many farmers have gone on to use their income to grow different crops and plant fruit trees and buy and rear cattle. Income has been used to support their families, pay medical bills and school fees and to buy land and build homes. 

The Drought

Last year, many of our farmers suffered from a difficult and persistent drought spell which left a devastating affect on the entire harvest. Subsequently, famine has left many desperately hungry and struggling to provide for their families. Many of the farmers have donating back their meagre produce to our partners so that they can be reconsidered for the next planning season and have sold their remaining groundnuts to attempt to feed their families, leaving them without the groundnut seeds to plant in the next season. 

In January of this year our CEO, Jay, visited and saw the work that our partners have been doing. Jay and our Ropeholder, Samuel created a plan to provide the same farmers with drought-resistant groundnuts, this will enable them to re-plant and have the best chance to reap a good harvest. Jay and Samuel also discussed plans to save and store crops for future drought periods.


Jay was overwhelmed by the joy of the people in the midst of severe famine and struggle. The work of our partners has truly transformed whole communities, and almost all of the farmers are women with HIV/AIDS, who would have previously been shunned by their communities and are now earning an income for themselves and their families.   

Lenten Appeal

We have decided that we will support the 200 farmers who failed to harvest successfully in 2016 to plant again this year.

We want to buy drought resistant groundnuts and need 45 people to buy a bag each for just £30! To find out more and donate, click the link above.