The Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo DR) is one of the poorest countries in the world. It has been ravaged by war. Many people find it virtually impossible to break out of the cycle of poverty. The capital, Kinshasa, can be a dangerous place where many children live on the street and women face the threat of violence, broken homes, disease and poverty.

Many young women turn to prostitution to earn money.

Our work

Rope’s partner ONG BONGWANONG BONGWANA YA MOZINDO (BOMO) operates a partly residential training centre for female sex workers in Kinshasa. Many of the women, are as young as 14 and come from broken homes.  They have faced tragic circumstances in their young lives, often death of a parent due to war, leaving them with very few options to survive.

Our partner’s vision for the women is that they will turn away from sex work. The provision of training and support is aimed at enabling them to support themselves and their families so they can be re-integrated into mainstream society.

It costs £12 a month to support a woman at the centre. 

The centre teaches basic literacy skills, sewing, tailoring and small business management skills.  They offer life skills and health and hygiene training and provide pastoral support and spiritual activities including meetings and Bible camps.  Our partners, BOMO, have shared stories of how, through Bible study and discussions, the women are beginning to learn about Jesus.