Cameroon, Hope for Widows and Orphans

For over 14 years our Change Makers have brought hope into the lives of over 300 widows and their children.

In parts of Africa, the loss of a woman’s husband can lead to the loss of status, possessions, home and even livelihood.  Once married, a woman becomes the property of her husband. On his death she has no rights over his assets and so his family will often reclaim these.

Therefore widowhood can consign a woman and her children to rejection and abject poverty.

Our Change Makers, Mirabelle and Samuel, based in Bamenda, northwest Cameroon, believe that this is not God’s plan for His people.  Mirabelle experienced firsthand the impact widowhood had on her mother and over the last 15 years she has sought to ensure widows and their children, in Bamenda and Ndu, do not experience the same level of rejection as they did. Mirabelle is passionate that widows should take their rightful place in their communities.

They mentor and support a small group of women to ensure they have better livelihoods economically, emotionally and spiritually: developing small income generating activities which provide sustainable income; encouraging reconciliation between the widow and her husband’s family and then ensure that each widow is accepted and adopted into a church family.

Lives have been transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually:


  • Women are able to create sustainable business to support their families.
  • They have bought land and built homes.
  • Their children are being fed and are going to school.
  • They have reconciled with family members.
  • Many women have come to faith, accepting God as their heavenly father and protector.
  • They have become active members of their church and are often found leading women’s and widow’s self-help groups within their church communities.
  • Many acknowledge the difference God has made in their lives and praise Him for giving them hope and dignity for the future.