As part of our mission Rope seeks to inspire and partner with Christians in the UK, both individually and as a church body, so we can all be Christ's hope for those forgotten and rejected communities across the world.

Over the last 25 years, Rope and many UK churches have successfully partnered planted churches, bringing thousands to faith and creating communities who seek God’s kingdom on earth.

In short we have discipled all nations.

El Salvador Appeal:

Will you partner with us and two churches in El Salvador?

For over 16 years, our partners in El Salvador have supported 2 local churches in Abeline and Tinteral feeding children and their families physically and spiritually.

In an area where extreme poverty and violence against local people is endemic, our partners have fed over 500 children each week at the Sunday schools. For many of these malnourished children this feeding programme is crucial for their physical health.  However the Lord has blessed this simple act of feeding leading to transformation for the whole community.

Your Kingdom come, your Will be done

Villagers speak of seeing children grow into adulthood with a passion for Christ, choosing to serving the church and their community and turning their backs on the violence and temptations they see around them.  People also speak of how these two communities are beacons of light - where neighbours care for each other and everyone seeks to grow collectively, something that is truly counter cultural in this broken region.

We need £1,250 to support this work.

To continue to feed 540 children each week we need to raise £1,250 per church each year.

Please contact us to find out how we can partner together in this vital work.

100% Promise

By operating a separate fund to cover our UK administration costs, we promise that all money given goes directly to our work internationally.