As part of our mission Rope seeks to inspire and partner with Christians in the UK, both individually and as a church body, so we can all be Christ's hope for those forgotten and rejected communities across the world.

Over the last 25 years, Rope and many UK churches have successfully planted churches, bringing thousands to faith and creating communities who seek God’s kingdom on earth.  In short we have discipled all nations.

Using your gifts to support others

One of our partner churches, Cheriton Baptist Church based in Kent, are releasing a live worship EP to help raise funds for our partners, Emmanuel Ministries Calcutta (EMC) in India.

Our partners work with homeless children who are living at Sealadah railway station in Kolkata, helping them to turn away from a life of begging and addiction. Their drop-in centre provides food, a place to play, sleep and shower and a chance to receive counselling and support from trusted adults.  It is hoped that overtime the children with be encouraged to take the next step and go forward for detox and rehab.

Live Worship EP

The band, CBC Worship, feel passionate about using the gifts and skills that God has given them to create heartfelt worship music that makes a real difference to those
across the world who are struggling and abandoned.

Christ calls us to reach out to the last and least and so what better way to do this than through corporate worship.

For every EP sold, 20% will go directly to EMC.

Please click on the link above to download the EP. 

Church Mission Partner

If you have gifts and skills, which you would like to share with Rope to support our partners and their work, please click on the link above and get in touch!