Clint’s story

Clint had a sad and traumatic childhood which started with his parents’ abusive relationship and the death of both of them by the time he was 5 years old, a terrible start for any child. He lived and grew up with his sister but life became harder as he grew older.

He started using drugs, then having to steal to keep up his habit and joined a notorious gang as he longed to belong somewhere. Whilst in the gang he had to commit horrendous crimes, for which he was in and out of prison. By now he was a father to 2 children and the mother of his children, his girlfriend, refused to see him. He was also kicked out by his sister. He slept on the street and ate out of rubbish bins, still stealing to keep up his drug habit.

Clint decided to give his life to the Lord but he struggled to kick his drug habit or break the stronghold of the gang. He needed help and he turned to our partners, Change Makers. This move changed Clint’s life. Under the support and care of Change Makers, he successfully completed a rehabilitation course and training in screen printing.

Clint is now employed by a printing company who recognise his many talents. He is also a motivational speaker. Wonderfully, he reconciled with his girlfriend and they got married.

How can you help more men like Clint?

  • £50 per month will support a man through the entire programme in a year.
  • £30 per month supports a man’s food needs through the entire programme in a year.
  • £20 supports a man to attend a reconciliation breakfast.