Comfort’s story

When Comfort’s husband died, she was left with 4 children to raise alone and found herself in conflict with his family, who expected his assets to be given to them.  Scarcely making ends meet with her small hairnet business and farm holding, she couldn’t feed, clothe or educate her children.

10 years on, Comfort’s life has been transformed. With support from our partners Hope for Widows Ministries she has been able to rebuild her home, develop and grow her businesses, not only producing hairnets but also coconut oil.  Her farm has a market garden and pigs.  All of these income-generating activities mean that Comfort can feed her children and send the younger ones to school!

Through counselling and pastoral support, she has come to faith and dealt with conflict between her and her husband’s family.  She is now an active member of her church and a keen evangelist.

In 2018, with investment from Rope of £250, she was able to buy the raw materials for her coconut business more competitively and secure two regular large-scale customers, achieving sales of £1,423. She is working hard on her market garden ensuring that this produces crops for her family, she has grown and sold ginger and corn locally on her small farm holding and is investing in her 7 pigs, so they are fattened and will get a good price at market.

Hope for Widows Ministries has really transformed Comfort’s life with financial investment, support and counselling.

How you can help more women like Comfort:

  • £10 would cover the travel costs of a staff member regularly visiting a widow, like Comfort, at her farm for a whole year.
  • £25 a month would provide a full year’s training, mentoring and support for a widow so she can become more financially secure.