Covid-19 Update 13

News from our partners – Word Made Flesh

At the time of writing Bolivia has recorded 465 cases of Covid-19 and 31 deaths. On 22nd March government instigated a strict nationwide quarantine, which has now been extended to the end of April. Restrictions have included suspension of private and public transportation. One member of a household can leave the home for one specified day a week and only up until midday to gain food supplies otherwise people cannot leave their houses unless they need medical attention.

Our partners Word Made Flesh’s House of Hope centre, based in El Alto, La Paz, offers a wide variety of programmes to support prostituted women and their children, enabling them to gain healing and break the cycles of violence in their lives. For the women, their hope is that all with gain a pathway to dignified employment and for their children that they will remain and succeed in education.

As the restrictions began our partners were obliged to close all programmes offered at the centre. All the staff are working from home and are currently looking at how to support particularly vulnerable beneficiaries. Yesmi who leads the children’s programme which Rope supports is in contact with those mums who have a phone. She was able to send some educational material to the children and WhatsApp and text messages to encourage the children including a special focus for Easter.

It is very challenging for the women whose households are not able to earn and buy food and it is hard for Yesmi to receive messages from them saying they are hungry. However, the staff team are praying that God would reveal himself to the women at this time. One of them shared that the lockdown period has given her time to think and she wants to turn to God like never before and is determined to find another way to earn a living. Another woman shared that she had a large debt she did not know how to pay. She prayed about it and a solution has been found with a large part of the debt being paid. The local churches who have come to support and understand the ministry of Word Made Flesh have been seeking to collect and deliver food parcels where possible to some of the women.

Please pray for:

  • Each woman in a lockdown situation as they continue to provide for themselves and their children. Pray that they will not be led back to old habits.
  • Praise the Lord for answering the prayers of the women as he provides for their needs and calls them to a close relationship with him and for the local church community responding to His call to “feed and care for my sheep.”
  • Staff who are using this time to work from home and communicate with one another by WhatsApp.
  • Those staff members worried about vulnerable relatives and those who are far away from them in other cities of Bolivia.
  • The children’s programme staff, who are using this time to agree a new approach to measure the impact of their work which is especially appropriate for children who have suffered trauma. Pray for wisdom as they reflect and pray through this work.

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