Covid-19 Update 15

News from our Partners – Glad’s House, Kenya

At the time of writing Kenya has recorded 336 cases of covid-19 and 14 deaths.

Our partners Glad’s House work with street children in Mombasa, Kenya. Rope supports their work with children imprisoned in prisons, juvenile centres and rehabilitation schools. At the time of writing Glad’s House report that they are still being allowed to visit the rehab school and continue with one to one social distancing meeting with the children. However this situation is unstable and they know that this might change at any time.

Glad’s House’s wider worker involves working with children left homeless on the street of the city. With a nightly curfew being imposed from 7pm – 5am, they report that the children are becoming exceptionally vulnerable.

“We are all really worried,” reported Glad’s House Director Bokey, to The Guardian, “the children are having a rough time during curfew. Food and water are a real problem as hotels and eating places where they would normally get food have closed down. Movement is restricted. Isolation won’t protect them. The danger is that many people see them more as diseased and criminal.”

Glad’s House are grateful that the government are asking for their support as they respond to the lockdown and they are working hard to ensure that the children’s rights are being upheld so that they are safe during this time. Given the number of children on the streets this task seems overwhelming for the staff team.

Please pray for:

  • Every child that is on the streets of Mombasa that they will find food, shelter and protection during this time.
  • Every child in prison and juvenile detention, that those adults in charge of their care, will seek to protect them.
  • For all the staff working for Glad’s House, that God will bestow on them health, strength, courage and wisdom for each hour of each day that they work on the frontline.


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