Covid-19 Update 18

News from our Partners – Dreamland Hospital, Kenya

At the time of writing Kenya has recorded 396 cases of Covid-19 and 17 deaths. Though the majority of cases have been in Nairobi, the virus in spreading and there has been cases reported in Kakamega Town which is a 2-hour drive from Kimilili, western Kenya, where our partners Dreamland Mission Hospital are based.

Dreamland was established in 1999 and has been training and resourcing local people to deliver affordable healthcare to disadvantaged and isolated rural communities within this region for over 20 years. They currently employ 100 staff and treat 40,000 people each year. Rope has been a long-time partner with Dreamland, having helped established both their specialist eye clinic and orthopaedic surgery provision.

They report Kenya is around 4-5 weeks behind the UK in term of the spread of the infection. Dreamland is concerned of its impact on this vulnerable community (population 300,000) given malnourishment, the growing prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in the population and social distancing will be challenging there. Additionally, there is a prevalence of HIV/Aids within this region, which is potentially a co-morbidity factor for those contracting the virus.

The hospital is continuing to operate normally but are preparing to receive and treat people with Covid-19. Part of this preparation has been to increase the bed space at the hospital to treat patients in self-contained wards. Dreamland is the only local hospital for miles with this facility, however the current building can only house 12 beds. With financial support from Rope and other UK supporters, Dreamland have begun building a second floor, which will double capacity and are aiming to have it ready by 12th May. As well as contributing to the building fund, Rope also used monies from its Emergency Fund to provide financial support towards equipping frontline staff with PPE and oxygen concentrators.

Our response to Dreamland’s request for support was quick as we had an Emergency Fund established. We want to remain committed to acting fast when our partners ask for help during this pandemic and beyond. Please help us in our commitment by making a donation to our Emergency Fund.

Please pray for:

  • All the staff working at Dreamland as they prepare to receive patients with Covid-19. Pray for God’s protection over their physical and mental wellbeing as they seek to treat and care for those infected.
  • Pray for the hospital’s management team as they oversee building works, but will inevitably need to take difficult decisions over resourcing the hospital in future weeks.
  • Pray for the communities that are served by Dreamland. Pray that village elders and leaders will hear the messages of social distancing and share them with those most vulnerable within their communities. That all will play their part in protecting the elderly, disabled and those who will be most impacted by the virus.

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