Covid-19 Update 21

News from our Partners – Change Makers, South Africa

At the time of writing South Africa has recorded 7,808 cases of covid-19 and 153 deaths.

The government responded quickly to flatten the curve helping to delay the spread of the virus and enabling it to screen people in hotspots and prepare its health system to manage and treat patients affected. The impact on livelihoods has been great, with many households suffering shortages of food and basic necessities.

Our partners Change Makers run a centre which offers healing to men from the Roodeval community near Worcester, Cape Town, who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and gang culture. Their provision, Moriah House, went into lockdown quickly and all men, except one, decided to remain at the centre and continue with the programme. Change Makers were able to provide extra food supplies for this period and two of the staff team decided to remain with the men during lockdown. Aubin, the House Manager, did not go into lockdown but is acting as an additional resource to the staff and men at the Home. All external programmes, which the men access during their time at Moriah House have been cancelled and this initially led to some frustrations within the home. The men are occupying their time with preparing food, cleaning and games.

Erena, the Programme Director, reports that the restrictions have taken a heavy toll on the staff living in. They are planning a weekend respite break for all staff once the lockdown is lifted, which is being funded by Rope through our Emergency Fund.

The lack of work in the wider community of Roodeval is impacting families’ ability to feed themselves and so the local Lions Club asked Change Makers if they could work with them to help support people in need. With additional funds Change Makers are providing a daily soup kitchen for local residents. The staff and men in lockdown at Moriah House are producing the soup every day, which is then distributed to people outside. Change Makers report that it is a privilege to be able to support the community in this way and showing the men how they can use resources around them to reach out and show Christ’s love to others.

Please pray for:

  • All the men at the home, for God’s peace and understanding to fill all their hearts as they live together in lockdown over an extended period;
  • For staff members living with the men in lockdown to be blessed with God’s wisdom and discernment during this time;
  • For the daily soup kitchen, that through this service, many in the community will be fed physically but also provide opportunities for people to share their faith through conversations;
  • For plans for the respite weekend, that God will bless and refresh all attending.

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