Covid-19 Update 23

News from our Partners – Alikadam Hostel, Bangladesh

At the time of writing Bangladesh has recorded 22,268 cases of Covid-19 and 328 deaths. Recent press reports indicate that cases are now being reported within refugee camps where Rohingya are living.

Our partners, Pastor Biramon and wife Swarnati run the Alikadam Hostel, which is based in a rural and remote region of the Chittagong. It offers around 50 children from tribal communities, the chance to go to good local schools. The tribal villages these children come from are exceptionally remote and inaccessible and so unless the children come and live at the hostel they will be denied any education. Pastor Biramon oversees 11 churches in the area and his wife Swarnati is a schoolteacher. They have one cook, one tutor and their older son Jonathon who helps out.

As lockdown started at the beginning of April, Pastor Biramon reported that all the schools closed and the children returned to their villages and families.

Please pray for:

  • All the children and young people as they remain with their families. That all will remain safe and well.
  • That God will use them wisely and enable them to share more of their faith with their families.
  • For wisdom for the authorities as they decide when to open schools so the children and young people can safely continue with their studies.
  • For the country of Bangladesh as a whole. They are currently facing a major cyclone heading their way even as they battle the Covid-19 epidemic which is not yet slowing and as they deal with decisions regarding their economy such as the impact of shutting down their manufacturing industries on which the economy is so dependant.

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