Covid-19 Update 26

Emergency Fund

Rope is currently working with 22 partners in 15 countries.

All of them have been impacted in some form or another by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In response to government directives many partners have had to close their operations entirely and staff are working from home. They are in the process of finding new and different ways of supporting their beneficiaries and we will be sharing more news from them in the weeks ahead. Those with healthcare provisions are finding themselves increasing their work as they prepare for community spread of the virus.

Those partners have needed additional financial support so they can purchase equipment. We are thankful for God’s provision through our Emergency Fund, so we had monies to direct to these partners immediately – Dreamland Mission Hospital in Kenya and Asha Kiran Society in India.

Dreamland Mission Hospital, based in Kimilili, western Kenya employs 100 staff and treats 40,000 patients a year from a population of 300,000.

At the time of writing Kenya has recorded 396 cases of Covid-19 and 17 deaths. Though the majority of cases have been in Nairobi, the virus in spreading and there has been cases reported in Kakamega Town which is a 2-hour drive from Kimilili, western Kenya, where our partners Dreamland Mission Hospital are based. They needed our help to purchase PPE and oxygen concentrators. We have also provided funds so they can extend their self-contained isolation ward, doubling the bed size to 24 beds.

Our partners Asha Kiran Society (AKS) work with 16 remote communities in Odisha, India. Rope supports their Multi-Lingual Education (MLE) centres, which provide around 600 children with primary level education. They also run a 40-bed community hospital and asked for help so they could treat local people who might contract the virus. We sent monies so they could purchase PPE for their staff and also supported their community outreach team to deliver basic healthcare training to the local communities, so local people understood what they needed to do to keep themselves and their families safe.

We are delighted to report that all of the monies that we had set aside in the Emergency Fund has been used to help our partners as they face this pandemic.  We are also grateful to God that so many of our supporters have responded and are replenishing the Fund so we can continue to support partners as they request our help.

Please click on this link if you would like to make a donation to our Emergency Fund.

Please pray for:

  • All the staff working for Dreamland and AKS as they prepare to treat those coming to the hospital with the Covid-19 virus as well as seek to continue to provide all other services, under severe restrictions and efforts to prevent infection spread.

Praise for:

  • God’s provision through the Emergency Fund and everyone who is giving generously to replenish the Fund so we can continue to help.

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