Covid-19 Update 31

News from our Partners – FEEJ in Chad

At the time of reporting, Chad has reported 700 cases of the virus with 62 deaths.

Rope supports FEEEJ in N’Djamena, Chad which operates an evangelical and discipleship programmes for young people, connecting closely with 22 local churches. Their centre in N’Djamena has been closed since the middle of March along with the 22 partnership churches. Elizabeth, Director of FEEJ report that she and her team are working from home and keeping in touch with the young people who have used the centre by phone calls and texts. However, as many of them don’t have access to social media and their phone credit has run out, this is proving challenging.

In April FEEEJ requested that part of Rope’s grant, which was allocated to cover bible teaching in local schools, could be diverted as school had been closed. With Rope’s agreement, FEEEJ staff worked with 17 young people, who are emerging leaders within the FEEEJ community to prepare hygiene packs for Pastors from the 22 church they partner with. The closures of churches meant no income for the Pastors and their families and they want to support them practically during this time.

We are delighted that Elizabeth and the team were able to support the young people in this way. Over the course of two days, the 17 young people visited 22 churches to distribute the hygiene packs. All the pastors thanked the young people and blessed them and prayed for them. The pastor of the EET church no 3 was especially moved; he gave them water to drink as a sign of blessing and prayed for them.

This has given the young people the sense of being useful for their church and community. They also had a sense of responsibility and were proud of being part of this initiative.

Please pray:

  • For Elizabeth and the team to be able to keep up regular contact with the young people and for wisdom in how to support them during the crisis;
  • For those young people who are hearing God’s voice and responding to His call and seeking to show His love in practical ways.
  • Continued strong internet connections so that Rope’s staff team can work with Elizabeth and the team during this lockdown period and plan for the future programmes once lockdown restrictions are eased.


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