Covid-19 Update 32

News from our Partners – children’s homes in Nepal

Rope currently supports 130 children in six children’s homes in India, Bangladesh and Nepal through its Brighter Futures scheme. All partners have reported on how they are responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About half of the children have stayed at the homes and half have returned to family members. This has been in response to a mixture of government restrictions, schools being closed and requests from the families themselves.

Rope supports Dolpa Home and Grace Home in Nepal and between them they care for 21 children.

Grace Home report that one of their young people, Smarika 17, was due to complete her school education in April but the board exams have been postponed and it is unclear when she will be able to complete them. She has returned home to be with her single parent father and is doing self study from home, taking 3 hour classes via Zoom.

All the other children have remained at Grace Home and are studying from home. The children are finding activities to occupy their time – learning to cook, working in the garden and growing vegetable, doing arts and craft and playing games. Like all parents, Grace Home report that it is a struggle to keep the children from being bored, so they are trying to do different activities every day.

Amos, from Dolpa Home reports that eight of the children returned to their homes/extended family members at the start of lockdown. Eventually the remaining six were able to go to their extended families as the school holidays started. Soon the schools will be resuming but trying to use home schooling as much as possible. Amos has received a call from the school to say they will be providing online resources and that the children will be allowed to return to the home if they have enough computers and access to broadband. Amos is planning how to prepare for home schooling in this way and discussing with Rope how to resource the home, with some help from the emergency fund. We have been so pleased to have access to this fund to support our partners in small practical ways, where needed, to ensure continued long-lasting change in the lives of the young people they serve.

Please pray:

  • For peace and safety from the virus for all children, their families and the staff at the homes;
  • For those children, who have returned home. That the Lord would provide for all their needs and would ensure they are loved and protected in this period of uncertainty and fear;
  • That the children would be able to find a way of keeping what they have learnt at school fresh in their minds so that the eventual return to school is not too difficult for them.

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