Covid-19 Update 34

News from our Partners – Youth Action Uganda

Our partners Youth Action Uganda (YAU) work with vulnerable communities in 4 districts within north-eastern Uganda, helping them become economically sustainable through agricultural programmes. They rely heavily on their team of Field Officers to deliver tailor-made mentoring and support to the 280 farmers currently on the last year of their 3-year Tithe to Thrive programme.

At the time of writing Uganda has recorded 686 cases of the virus but no deaths.

In the middle of March the Ugandan government introduced restrictions and YAU had to curtail their activities with farmers as the use of motorised transportation had been banned. However, agriculture is deemed as essential work so the team were hopeful that they would gain permission to continue their work. We are delighted to report that the team have now received passes that enable them to move within the districts. For the time being they will not be able to provide group training sessions but they are continuing with the programme with the group of farmers in the third and final year providing them with 1:1 tailored training, mentoring and support.

Please pray:

  • For God’s protection over the Field Officers and Jimmy the Agriculture Officer who will be delivering the one to one training, mentoring and support;
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for Ivan as he works in the Napak district during the pandemic this district has experienced civil unrest between two tribal groups;
  • That the ongoing pandemic would not stop the farmers from being able to plant and cultivate their crops this season;
  • That the Lord would bless the crops as they grow and would continue to provide the food, finances and the other things our partners need;
  • That the farmers and the YAU team would not contract the virus but would remain in good health, implementing the important hygiene practises they have learnt.

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  1. The work undertaken and the success achieved by YAU is truly amazing and most definitely God inspired, May He continue to bless and guide you.

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