Covid-19 Update 37

News from our Partners

Each week we are seeking to share updates about our partners as they face Covid-19. This week we are sharing about our partners BOMO in DRC and Glad’s House in Kenya.


With support from Rope’s Emergency Fund, our partners BOMO in Kinshasa DRC have been able to purchase a laptop for the women who are locked down in the residential centre which provides training in sewing and tailoring. Having a laptop means that the women can now get have contact and teaching from their teachers, who are not able to visit the centre. All of women were delighted when Amos Oumounabidji, Rope Partners Relationship Co-ordinator arranged their first  Zoom meeting with their teachers so they could all learn how the system worked. There are 25 young women currently in lockdown at the centre and they ALL insisted on coming onto the Zoom meeting and introducing themselves to Amos!

Glad’s House in Kenya

Our partners Glad’s House, based in Nairobi, Kenya work with children who are homeless and living on the street of the city. With Rope’s support Glad’s House team are delivering support to those children who are in prison., many of them face incarceration as their only crime is being homelessness. In agreement with Rope, Glad’s House diverted Rope funds for their usual activities, which they cannot do at the moment, to purchase indoor games for the children in the Rehabilitation School to keep them occupied whilst in lockdown within the school.

Glad’s House have been providing practical support to children on the streets during this period of lockdown. They report that they are now seeing more homeless women with their children on the street as well as children.  Some have no homes and other have homes but are in arrears with rent and so have left.

Please pray for:

  • We once again thank God for UK supporters’ generosity in contributing to our Emergency Fund and enabling us to respond to partners like BOMO so their programmes can continue even in lockdown.
  • We pray for partners like Glad’s House who are providing practical support to very vulnerable children and families at this time.
  • We ask for God’s protection over those without a home or shelter and those who are losing homes as they find they are unable to pay rent.



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