Covid-19 Update 39

News from our Partners – HWOM, Cameroon

Each week we are seeking to share updates about our partners as they face Covid-19. This week we are sharing news from our partners in Cameroon.

We are delighted to report that partners Mirabelle and Samuel have safely returned home after having to spend almost 2 years away.

They have been in touch with Debbie and Amos, Rope’s Programmes team and report that they have met up with many of the widows, which were being supported by Rope in 2018. Rope had invested in their microbusinesses as a result of our Women Walking 4 Women event in 2018.

It is very uplifting to hear that in spite of the challenges the widows have faced they have continued to work on their businesses and reportedly doing well and making a profit. Comfort, pictured, is one of the widows, we featured at the event in 2018. She continues to make coconut oil and she has recently found a new wholesaler to buy her product to sell on to others.

Another widow, Rosaline, set up a business buying and selling corn and beans as a wholesaler. She had just purchased her stock when unrest broke out in her area. There was the risk that stores might be stolen or burnt. We prayed for protection and she took care to keep the weevils from harming the stores while she waited many months to be able to take them to market. Now she has finally been able to sell the stores to recoup her capital and with the profit has been able to put iron doors on her storeroom for better protection.

Both of these ladies’ “good news stories” are even more encouraging considering that their local town remains highly militarised and so dangerous to conduct daily life. Comfort and Rosaline have shown incredibly bravery and perseverance to continue with their businesses.

We are delighted to see that women we specifically supported with WW4W 2018 are continuing to transform their lives especially as we have just launched WW4W 2020.

This year our event has a new twist to it, but we are still keen to walk 10 miles and raise money for women across the world. To find out how you could get involved and bring transformation to a new group of vulnerable women please click here.

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