Covid-19 Update 44

News from our Partners – Jehovah Jireh Ministries, India

Our partners, Jehovah Jireh Ministries JJM), in India, support 63 widows who otherwise would not have any income after their husbands died. During the Covid-19 pandemic, JJM has been providing essential items for those most in need in their community. This has involved distributing sanitiser to workers and food for families in need as well as offering financial support to those particularly in need.

The widows Rope supports have been affected by the lockdown restrictions and our partners say that for many of them, the money they have received from their supporters through Rope has been a real lifeline for them. During the stricter restrictions, JJM were able to keep in contact with and encourage the widows via telephone. Where they can, they have met and prayed with the women – many of them are living in fear of the virus.

With lockdown relaxing, the church reopened – temperatures are taken before people enter the building, worshippers sit 2 metres apart and the church is cleaned between services.  But recently, following one of the staff members being diagnosed with Covid-19, future services have been cancelled.

JJM also supports two children’s hostels, in Rayagada and Palakonda. All children are currently still with their families with the government not looking to reopen schools until September.


  • For protection for our partners and their community as there are now cases of Covid-19 in the area.
  • For schools to safely reopen and a safe return of the children to the hostels.
  • For the widows to not feel lonely or fearful.

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