Covid-19 Update 46

News from our Partners – Glad’s House, Kenya

At the time of writing Kenya has recorded 23,873 cases of covid-19 and 391 deaths.

Our partner Glad’s House works with street children in Mombasa, Kenya.  Rope supports their work with children in prisons, juvenile centres and rehabilitation schools.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down a lot of their activities, Glad’s House has been able to continue to support the children. Recently, they were able to hold a case conference with the rehabilitation staff at the rehabilitation school. They went through each child’s case and focused on their wellbeing, reviewed their treatment plans and updated their case files.

Glad’s House has also identified chaplains for four rehabilitation centres, which will provide another trusted adult for the children.

Earlier in the pandemic, Rope was able to provide indoor games for children in one of the rehabilitation schools. These have been embraced by the children and staff as they are able to play badminton, table tennis and basketball whilst usual activities are not available.

Pray for:

  • Every child who is on the streets of Mombasa that they will find food, shelter and protection during this time.
  • Every child in prison and juvenile detention, that those adults in charge of their care will seek to protect them.
  • For all the staff working for Glad’s House, that God will bestow on them health, strength, courage and wisdom for each hour of each day that they work on the frontline.

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