Covid-19 Update 47

Teacher with child sitting on rocks.

News from our partners – AKS, India

Our partners Asha Kiran Society (AKS) work with 16 remote communities in Odisha, India. Rope supports their Multi-Lingual Education (MLE) centres, which provide around 600 children with primary level education. 51 young people from these village communities have been trained to teach at these centres.

The end of the academic year 2019-20, ended just before lockdown started in March and all the teachers were able to complete end of year assessments.

Our partners have been talking about how they can safely support the children’s even though schools may not be able to open properly for some time yet. They report that both parents and children are very keen for lessons to start again!

They are working with all the teachers at the centres and will be gradually beginning activities in the coming month, however classes will be in very small socially distanced groups and held not at the centres but in the teachers’/villagers homes or outside.

Everyone is excited for school to begin again and we ask for your prayers for the Programme team as they work with the teachers to develop learning with keeps everyone safe and well.

Please pray:

  • Give thanks to God for placing our partners near these vulnerable communities and for the good relationships they have built with them, which has enabled them to help to protect these communities quickly;
  • For protection for all teacher and children as they begin classes again;
  • Pray that the elderly, disabled and those with underlying health conditions within these communities are protected from contracting the virus as schools open up and more social contact is inevitable.


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