Covid-19 Update 48

At the time of reporting, Chad has reported 995 cases of the virus with 77 deaths.

Rope supports FEEEJ in N’Djamena, Chad which operates an evangelical and discipleship programmes for young people, connecting closely with 22 local churches. Their centre in N’Djamena had to close middle of March along with the 22 partnership churches.

The team have worked from home and continued to keep in touch with the young people who have used the centre by phone and texts and are now beginning to offer more of their programme at their centre. On 26th August they were able to run a socially distanced youth camp at the centre. A large part of the centre is open air and so young people can gather and remain safe. The youth camps’ themes included poverty, lack of opportunity and hope, which is being led by Ben a local Pastor and advisor to FEEEJ. They also offered a creativity and entrepreneurship forum, encouraging the attendees to begin to develop their business ideas into plans. This was being led by Didier, an IT specialist, who has a desire to encourage young people in think more creatively.

FEEEJ are excited to see what God has to say to the young people and how they respond and how He will inspire an environment of creative thinking around job creation.

Please pray:

  • For exciting outcomes from the youth camp and that all will be inspired to take forward learning for personal development and ideas for job creation.
  • Pray for Elizabeth and the team to be able to support the young people to put learning into practise.

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