Covid-19 Update 49

News from our Partners – Sunshine Centre, Kenya

At the time of reporting, Kenya has reported 34,493 cases of the virus with 581 deaths.

Our partners operate Sunshine centre in Navaisha, Kenya. The boarding home aims to provide homeless boys, orphaned or from single-parent families, with a caring, loving home environment which enables them to access good local schools. These boys have spent time on the street of Navaisha having left home due to extreme poverty and/or family breakdown. All are now able to go to school and are supported to perform well in their studies and where possible re-connect with their families and communities. They are supported to gain key life-skills that will enable them to live self-sufficiently as adults. The home is run on Christian principles, so the children have the chance to come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The Covid-19 threat meant that the government directed all boarding institutions to link up children with their relatives where possible to avoid overcrowding and possible spread of the virus. Kenya Sunshine was obliged to make arrangement for the boys to return to their families.

Rope is currently supporting many of their further education students at Sunshine and recently Debbie, Amos and Vanessa from the Rope team were able to connect with Sunshine staff and two of the young men who are being supported with their university education through Zoom.

Eric is a second year student and is studying economics and statistics where as Samuel is a first year student.  Both are attending university remotely as they are living with foster families. Rope has been supporting Kenya Sunshine so that all the students have mobile data to connect into their lectures.

Both Eric and Samuel grew up in Sunshine having experienced life on the streets. Both had lost parents due to untimely deaths and had left home due to abuse and neglect. They both spoke very warmly of their time at Sunshine and how their experience had led them to faith. Both sparked with ideas for their future – a desire to be successful in business – and a strong call from God to employ and inspire other young people in their chosen field.

Both fizzed with energy and creativity and the whole Rope team were uplifted by the Zoom call and the chance to hear from the young men themselves.

Please pray for:

  • All the young boys who are not able to return to Sunshine and resume their education in school. That God will protect them and their foster families during this difficult waiting period;
  • For all the young men supported by Rope who are accessing university and college courses online. Praise the Lord that all now have access to resources so they can continue their education online.
  • Praise God for Eric and Samuel and they way God has inspired them through their time at Sunshine and it calling them to inspire others through their daily lives and their future plans.

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