Covid-19 Update 51

Update from our Partners – Word Made Flesh, Bolivia

We are able to provide an update on our partners, Word Made Flesh in Bolivia.

Their House of Hope centre, based in El Alto, La Paz, offers a wide variety of programmes to support prostituted women and their children, enabling them to gain healing and break the cycles of violence in their lives.

The Word Made Flesh programme befriends women and their children who have become caught up working for the huge brothels industry in La Paz and El Alto, Bolivia. The women are assisted with practical and therapeutic needs and those who are ready and wanting to move into a different life go through a programme which is called the Restauration programme.

The hope is that by completing the course, they are able to work in healthier jobs and restored in their sense of value and self worth.

In a recent call with Rope’s Programme Team, Word Made Flesh shared that they have started self-help groups for the women who have graduated to support each other as they navigate the difficult world of trying to provide for themselves and their families without being drawn back into the more readily available work at the brothels. They are calling the scheme “Vuela libre” which means fly free.

They are also thinking about setting up a similar group for the young people when they graduate from the Restauration scheme too.

Please pray for:

  • Word Made Flesh have asked that we pray for these groups as they are established and that God will provide work opportunities and training for the women and the young people in the harsh world in which they find themselves.
  • We also ask for His protection over them as they make step of faith into new horizons.

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