Covid-19 Update 52

News from our Partners – YAU, Uganda

Our partner Youth Action Uganda (YAU) works with vulnerable communities in four districts within north-eastern Uganda, helping them become economically sustainable through agricultural programmes.

In September 2019, Amos and Debbie, our Programmes Team, visited Kaeselem church in Napak district. This church had been planted by YAU the previous year, and Amos, Debbie and Samuel were able to deliver a three-day workshop on holistic mission. The workshop guides participants to look at how God worked with people in the Bible, enabling them to meet their needs, and how we can apply this learning to our daily lives.

The workshop challenged the church community to move from a culture of dependency to one of independence by awakening in their hearts a desire not to wait for support from others but to come together, identify their own needs and work hard and develop their own society.

We are delighted to report that a year on, and in spite of Covid, the church has been a catalyst for change within the community. They developed a plan and prioritised completing their church building, church members making the bricks themselves. The church is now being used through the week as a school for primary aged children. The whole community has been so inspired by what has happened that they met with community leaders and agreed that the next priority for the church should be to develop a medical centre.

We are delighted to share this news and thank God for how He is moving hearts within this small community to achieve lasting transformation from within. Increasingly we feel called to work with local people and their communities, to deliver sustainable change through small scale projects.

Please pray:

  • Thank God for all those who heard His call to plan a church in Kaeselem and use it to bring hope and a collective will to build new provisions for all to use;
  • Pray that the children who are attending school are able to enjoy the experience of learning;
  • Pray that this will inspire the whole community to get involved in building a medical centre;
  • Pray for the church and community leaders as they plan and lead the next stage of community development.


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