Covid-19 Update 53

News from our Partners – Artizan International, Ecuador

Our partners, Artizan International support adults with disabilities in San Domingo, Ecuador. They provide them with training in artisan craft skills so they can earn themselves a living. This training also includes basic business skills and helps them set up their own business selling their crafts. Artizan International also provides a community for these vulnerable which helps them overcome the stigma which they experience, due to their disability.

Ecuador has been badly affected by Covid-19 and the country has struggled under its grip. Our partners have continued to support the Artizans by providing them with materials so they can continue to work at home for a time. It has been difficult for them to be so isolated and to not build up too much stock as they are unable to post items out of the country to sell internationally. So once they had to stop working our partners also provided the Artizans with a safety net during this time by giving them some funds to continue to buy food and necessities.

Artizan International has plans to start training again as soon as regulations allow and will begin by completing the training of this year’s class of Artizans.

We are so pleased to have been able to support Artizan International during this challenging year and you can support the Artizans further by purchasing their wares at www.artizaninternational.com or by purchasing our £10 Lifeline gift Crafting an Income.

Pray for:

  • The Covid-19 situation in Ecuador to stabilise;
  • For our Artizans be able to start training again soon;
  • For sales of their products so they can continue to earn a living.

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