Covid-19 Update 54

News from our Partners – Changemakers, South Africa

Our partners in South Africa, Changemakers, work with men who are struggling with addiction. Their residential rehabilitation 3 stage programme supports the men to overcome their addiction, rebuild family relationships and provide skills training so that they can gain employment or develop sustainable income for themselves.   As well as gaining physically healing and practical training, the men embark on a discipleship programme for lasting change.

This week, those men who are currently being supported at the centre have been selling goods they have made at a craft fair. They are selling woodwork, t-shirts and jewellery and the proceeds will go towards the programme costs.

Once the men have completed the programme, they move on to whatever accommodation they have access to.  Now, Changemakers have two or three men who have finished level 3 of the programme who really need additional support. The team are looking at how they might accommodate them for a time while they become stable in work and able to find accommodation for themselves.

You can support the men at Changemakers by purchasing our Lifeline gift ‘Tools for Success‘.

Please pray:

  • That despite the economic downturn the men are able to sell plenty of their crafts
  • For the 2-3 men, who need additional help, that accommodation and support is found.

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