Covid-19 Update 55

News from our Partners – Dolpa Home, Nepal

Our partnerships team recently had a video call with Amos and Doma who are the house parents of Dolpa Home, one of our Brighter Futures children’s homes, in Nepal. They were able to catch up and provide support.

During the initial lockdown when the majority of the children had to return to relatives’ homes, Amos and Doma were able to redirect some of their Rope grant to prepare the home for home schooling. With our support they were able to increase the computer equipment they had and also invest in broadband internet.

Now the children have been back with them for a few months, they, and Amos and Doma have all been getting used to the challenges of isolation and home schooling. As many of us know, it isn’t easy! Amos and Doma have been liaising with teachers where necessary and assisting the 14 children and young people with their remote learning.

Doma spent time speaking to each child in their care about how they are really finding this time. The children find it hard not going out, but they are getting used to it. Over the years Rope has been improving the homes and the gardens so thankfully the children have nice play spaces and gardens to spend their time in.

You can support Amos and Doma in prayer and also by purchasing one of our Lifeline gifts – Weekly Shop or Internet for Home Learning.

Please pray:

  • For strength and perseverance for Amos and Doma as they care for and school the children
  • For each individual child – for their education, resilience, and mental health during this time.

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