Covid-19 Update 56

Staying Connected

Over the last 9 months, and as a natural consequence of the pandemic, Rope and our partners have found ourselves working remotely and online, we have all come to know, use (and maybe love) Zoom!

This was particularly meaningful for Andy, our CEO, Debbie and Amos, our Programmes and Partnerships Team, when they conducted a series of Zoom based training webinars with our partners recently. Through Zoom they were able to connect simultaneously with a number of partners, so all could meet each other and learn collectively. The first webinar was for our French speaking partners and on Monday 30th November we hosted a webinar for our English-speaking partners.

The webinar topic was looking at how our partners write their regular reports to Rope and how we all could learn together to improve this vital part of information sharing. During these sessions, partners were able to share elements of their reports, with particular focus on how they go about sharing stories of transformation.

We love hearing how God has moved through our partners and their work to bring transformation in the lives of people in their communities – from women in northern Pakistan learning to sew for the first time, to young men from Kenya, who in childhood experienced homelessness, now going to university and gaining degrees. All of our partners are able to provide real life stories of transformation and we are delighted to be able to share these with you through our newsletter – NEWS from Rope, on our Facebook and website.

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Please pray:

  • We are thankful God for His provision that all of our partners have access to the internet and so have been able to continue their work, often remotely.
  • We are thankful that the internet worked so that both webinars were completed without anyone losing connection.
  • That our partners will continue to see the transformation that God is bringing into their communities and will share these uplifting and inspiring stories with us.

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