Covid-19 Update 57

News from our Partners – Alikadam Hostel, Bangladesh

Last week, Debbie, our Programmes Manager was able to have a Zoom call with Pastor Biramon, who runs the Alikadam Hostel in Bangladesh.  The Hostel provide a place for children from rural communities in the Chittagong Hill Tract region of the country.  This is an under-developed area and most the village communities do not easy access to local schools.  The hostel provides a home to around 50 children each year so they can access education locally.

In the recent call Pastor Biramon was able to update Debbie on all the children who, due to the pandemic, have spent most of the year back home with their families.

In their discussion Pastor Biramon was able to share an update on Bizli.  She has been living at the hostel for a number of years and has loved going to school and studying.  During the pandemic she has lived her parents, who are day labourers and Bizli has been helping her parents with the household chores including helping with growing crops for the family’s sustenance, while also trying to continue with her studies alone.  All of the children from these remote communities do not have access to the internet or online learning resources.  In short they have no support and Bizli has found studying a struggle.

The government have decided that to discern which students are capable of moving up a year they are organising for the children and young people to complete an assignment, which will help them study and act as an end of year exam and so enable them to progress in their education.

Bizli returned to the hostel to collect the assignment, which she has completed and submitted.  They are awaiting results.

One of the team of pastors visited the local church which Bizli attends and she shared an update with him about her personal faith journey.  Being away from the hostel she has come to realise how much she misses the regular prayer times and bible studies.  This has motivated her to join a mid-week small group meeting as well as attend the Sunday services.

Please pray for:

  • We thank God for Bizli and for inspiring in her a desire to continue to pursuit Him while away from the hostel.
  • We ask that He will use her powerfully to be a strong witness to her family and the wider community during this time.
  • We commit Pastor Biramon and his wife Swarnati to the Lord as they continue to minister to these remote communities.
  • We ask for God’s protection over them and all the children as they are living away from the hostel.
  • We ask for all the children and young people that are missing out on their schooling that they will soon be able to resume their studies and find ways to make up the education which has been lost.

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