Covid-19 Update 58

News from our Partners – Changemakers, South Africa

We are delighted to report that our partners in South Africa, Changemakers, have been able to continue their work with men who are struggling with addiction despite continued lockdowns in South Africa as the country battles with Covid-19. Their residential rehabilitation programme supports the men to overcome their addiction, rebuild family relationships and provide skills training so can gain employment or develop sustainable income for themselves. The programme is underpinned with a desire to share Christ through a daily discipleship programme.

Many of the men leave the programme by returning to their families as they look for work, however some do not have that support network in place and so our partners have been looking at way of helping them further.

Recently they shared that they had been able to rent land close to their centre, Moriah House, where they will build a small cabin, for 2-3 men can stay while looking for work. The cabin will be close enough to the centre so the men can continue to gain support from the staff team at Moriah House.

Last week they shared the first stage of this process, showing some of the men on the programme clearing the land, ready for the cabin to be built.

Please pray:

  • We are so grateful to God for His provision enabling the land to be rented and the cabin to be sourced.
  • Pray that the cabin can be built quickly and that it will a place of sanctuary and safety for the men and that all will find work quickly and be able to move on in their lives.
  • For everyone at Changemakers, staff members and men currently going through the programme, that they will be able to remain safe and well as the country deals with a new variant of the Covid-19 virus.

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