Covid-19 Update 59

News from our Partners – Changemakers, South Africa

A few weeks ago we were able to share news from our partners, Changemakers, in South Africa, who offer a residential programme to men with long term addictions. Their programme supports the men to overcome their addiction, rebuild family relationships and provide skills training so can gain employment or develop sustainable income for themselves.

Last week our partners, Mia and Tobias, joined us for our weekly staff meeting on Zoom and shared that they have nearly completed the building of a small cabin, which will provide a home for some of the men, who have completed the programme and are looking for work.

Mia and Tobias shared than many of the men currently on the programme helped to build and furnish the cabin. One of those men is Brendon, who will be the first user of the cabin. Brendon will be working as well as attending a one year college course.

Please pray:

  • We thank God for His provision of the cabin and pray that it will be a place of safety for Brendon and all the men, who come through the programme.
  • We ask for God’s protection for everyone at Changemakers, staff members and men. Many involved in Changemakers have been directly impacted by the new Covid variant and we pray for their safety at this time.


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