Covid-19 update 6

News from our partners

We have been in contact with all 22 partners working in 17 countries as they respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many have been forced to close their operations in accordance with increased government restrictions, and where possible and practical staff are working from home.  Having to close programmes has been very difficult, knowing that they are often the only service or provision being offered to the vulnerable communities they serve.

Some partners report that these vulnerable communities rely on word of mouth to gain information, due to poor levels of schooling and literacy.  This means they are inevitably susceptible to misinformation about the virus and how it is spread, which can cause further panic.  Where possible, our partners are seeking to provide basic health information focusing on hygiene practises, which are a powerful tool in preventing the spread of the virus.

Partners report that the government restrictions on the movement of people have a profound impact on impoverished communities where daily work means daily food, and some of those working in rural communities have seen the migration of people out of cities to their communities as people seek ‘safer’ places to stay.  This is putting even more pressure on those limited resources within these rural communities as well as the risk of infection spread.

We ask you to pray:

  • That those most in need of the services our partners provide would not slip through the cracks during this season but would receive the help and support they need;
  • That the correct, truthful information would be passed onto these communities and that unnecessary panic caused by false information would be stopped;
  • That people would quickly pick up the good hygiene practices being shared with them and be provided with the resources to implement these practises;
  • For the peace of Christ to rule and reign in the hearts of all those in these communities, and that those who know the Lord would model this as they look to Him for His help and comfort;
  • That the Lord would provide for all the people’s needs, particularly as resources are stretched to accommodate those who are moving into more rural areas.

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