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News from our Partners

In the last week Debbie and Amos, from our Programmes Team, connected with two partners – Simon from Sunshine Home in Kenya and Amos from Dolpa Home in Nepal. Both partners shared updates on two young men that had been working with. Though these men live thousands of miles apart, their stories had connection and we are delighted to share them with you.

Starting out – Kenya

We have been supporting a group of young men at Sunshine Home as they transition from secondary education into further education and then into employment. All the boys who come to live at Sunshine have spent time living on the streets of Naivasha having left the family for a variety of reasons. Paul and George were no exception. They met while at the home and became very good friends as they lived together. Both went to vocational college. During the pandemic Paul tried to get work on building sites but it was difficult. However, he has now found a placement with a local garage as a mechanic. George trained in hospitality and is about to start a placement at a hotel.

Although the boys are living independently and seeking to get established in the world of work, George refers to Paul as his ‘home brother’ and Paul sees George as someone he respects and wants to emulate. We are thankful to God that He has created a desire in these boys to support each other as they transition into adulthood.

Setting off – Nepal

Amos and Doma, from Dolpa Home, recently shared news of two young men who lived at the home for many years and have now completed their 2 year college education. Palden and Lakpa both came to Dolpa Home from villages within Dolpa region. A few years ago Palden was able to visit his village for 2 months before he started college. The trip home was long – 17 hours on a bus, a short plane journey and then a 6 day walk! He hadn’t seen his family for many years and didn’t know what to expect. However, the time he spent with his community has left a marked impression and Palden has taken the decision to go to a college in India to study as he feels called to go back to work in his own community. The same is true for Lakpa. He has also taken up a 2 year course at the same college as Palden and has heart to return to the Himalayas to serve his own community.

It is amazing that God has inspired a passion within these young men’s hearts and that together they are studying at the same college so they can be a support for each other.

Please pray:

  • We thank God for these uplifting stories of these four young men.
  • We thank God that he has inspired all four young men in the next stage of their lives and that they can be brothers to each other as they take that important step into adulthood.
  • We thank God for all those supporters who have given generously to the work of Sunshine Home and Dolpa Home over the years enabling these young men to discover their gifts and their call.

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