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Rope currently supports 130 children in six children’s homes in India, Bangladesh and Nepal through its Brighter Futures scheme.  All partners have reported on how they are responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About half of the children have stayed at the homes and half have returned to family members.  This has been in response to a mixture of government restrictions, schools being closed and requests from the families themselves.

Our partners in Nepal report that the government has imposed restrictions on the number of people staying in a house and so they have had to arrange for some of the children to move temporarily to stay with family members.  However, our partners in Dhaka, Bangladesh have seen all 17 girls return to their families. As all the children spend holidays back with their families this was not an unusual request.

Our partners in Odisha, India, report that families wished for their children to be returned to them as they are worried about the spread of the infection, whereas our partners in Manipur report that all 50 children remain at the home in a 21-day lockdown situation.

Where possible our partners have ensured that the children leaving had good basic health information on hygiene practises to combat the spread of the virus, which they can share with their families.

Please pray:

  • For peace and safety from the virus for all children, their families and the staff at the homes;
  • For children returning to situations at home that are particularly difficult, that the Lord would provide for all their needs and would ensure they are loved and protected in this period of uncertainty and fear;
  • For the Lord to give peace to parents who are afraid and have asked for their children to come home because of the fear they feel over the virus;
  • That the children would be able to find a way of keeping what they have learnt at school fresh in their minds so that the eventual return to school is not too difficult for them;
  • For children remaining at the children’s homes, that even though they cannot return to stay with family, they would not feel alone or abandoned but would feel loved by our partners and by the Lord; that He would be close to them and that they would know His fatherly love for them keenly at this time;
  • That children going back to their families would remember, implement and teach the good hygiene practises they have learnt to their families and communities to help all keep safe.

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