The Dolpa region is a remote Himalayan area  - a 10 day walk to a town with vehicles.  Conditions in the Dolpa region are harsh and basic living is demanding.  Poverty is endemic, undernourishment is common and there is very little education or medical care.  Children are needed to work helping parents farm land and rear yaks.  Families will own 30 to 60 yaks, which provide milk, meat, clothing and transport goods and supplies on their twice yearly trips to Tibet. 

Our work

He is hard working, honest and loving

Based in Kathmandu, our partners seek to provide a loving home to vulnerable children from the Dolpa region.  These children are either orphaned or from single-parent families, not able to care for them. Dolpa Home is a loving, caring family home, where the children are encouraged to see each other as brother and sister.  Dolpa Home is centrally located so all can attend good local schools.

Our Ropeholders' hope is that all the children will be inspired to return to the Dolpa region as adults bringing the Gospel message with them.

It costs £20 a month to support children at Dolpa Home.

Through our Brighter Futures Group Schemes, Rope supports the children at Dolpa Home.

Brighter Futures aims to create a strong foundation for vulnerable children. All of our Brighter Futures homes are close to good schools and our Christian partners create loving and caring family homes, which nurture the children.  

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