“Open my eyes to see wonderful things in your word”  Psalm 119:18

Based in the rural district of Bungoma, one of the most heavily populated and poorest areas in western Kenya subsistent farmers live a very hand-to-mouth existence.  Many go without food for parts of the year and families have been further burdened with the loss of parents to HIV/ AIDS, leaving grandparents as the only carers.  Often the depth of poverty they face lead many to prioritise food and education over non life-saving healthcare. 

In Kenya, it is a widely held belief that losing your sight is the first sign of dying.  So elderly people who lose their sight are not viewed with sympathy or worth of help.

Our work

Now I can see better I can leave my home and no longer need my grandaughter's help

Rope and partners Dreamland Mission Hospital have been operating an eye clinic since 2010. Over that time 21,000 people have been treated and 2,500 have received eye surgery, majority of whom are elderly people needing cataract surgery.

It costs £5 to test and treat a person's eyes

People arrive disillusioned with life, having experienced neglect or abandonment from their family.  Many are bitter, others simply despair. 

The chaplaincy team offer counselling and prayer and people often leave seeing the eye surgery as starting a new chapter in their lives, where they can reconcile with family members.  Some re-commit themselves to Christ, feeling they can experience a new meaningful relationship with him.



Lisha, 77, struggled with pain in her left eye for over 12 years – understandably the mother of 11 children had other things on her mind!  However, when her vision worsened she finally sought help from Dreamland Hospital’s eye clinic in Kenya. 

She was scared to face surgery, but in Dr Kiprop’s hands it was a success.

Unfortunately, Lisha did not take the advice to rest and returned to household duties almost immediately. This led to a cut reopening and further surgery taking place.  Second time around Lisha rested. With no more eye pain and her vision improved, Lishna thanks God  for the love and grace given to her.