Our partners, OMCRS, work in Manipur.  Manipur is a state in north eastern India and has long connected India to Southeast Asia, enabling the migration of people, cultures and religions.  It is an unstable state with many insurgency groups desiring independence from India as well as violence between different ethnic groups.  Children from these tribal communities live a hand-to-mouth existence, relying on agriculture for employment.  Poverty is endemic and children face drugs, gun gangs and the risk of being trafficked.  Though families hope for their children to achieve educationally, many involve themselves in drugs and the gun culture as easier money earners.

Our work

a safe place where I can study and rest peacefully

Rope and our partners, Outreach Mission Charitable and Religious Society (OMCRS), seek to reach vulnerable children caring and educating them so they come to know Christ and are equipped to make a difference in their society. 

They have run the Ebenezer Children's Home based in Manipur for 15 years and have taken vulnerable and often orphaned children providing them with a loving and caring family and the chance to go to good local schools.

They encourage all the children to aim high educationally so they might be future leaders within their community.  Of those children who have left, over half have gone onto further education, studying for degrees and masters.  Many are now employed as teachers, training to be pastors, in business and in the army.

It costs £20 a month to support children at Ebenezer

Through our Brighter Futures Group Schemes, Rope supports the children at Ebenezer Children's Home.

Brighter Futures aims to create a strong foundation for vulnerable children. All the homes are close to good schools and our Christian partners create loving and caring family homes, which nurture the children.  

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